Technology Addiction and Real World Safety

Just yesterday we were out and I noticed a young girl
walking on the sidewalk talking on the phone. A car was behind her and she
stepped off the curb to walk on the road and she never once looked back! Numerous
times, I have seen young boys and girls using their smart phones while walking
down the street. Some even have headphones and are listening to music at the
same time! However, this idiocy is not relegated to the youth only. It seems
that even adults these days can’t refrain from using their smart phones while

This lack of awareness stuns and frightens me. Unless you have
been professionally trained, it is impossible to be aware of your surroundings
and use your smart phone at the same time! At this point in society I think
this is a case of Monkey See, Monkey Do. Children see their parents or other
adults using their technology and so they also feel that they can’t live
without it either. This kind of technology addiction needs to be acknowledged
and confronted. Children and their parents NEED to sit down and talk about
safety first. An open dialogue between adults and kids could lead the way to
everyone realizing what a hold this technology has on us these days. It would
then also force us to come up with reasonable solutions to the issues of commonsense
and safety in the real world.

Check out this article at The Province.


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