Repair, Upgrade or Replace: What Should I Choose if My Computer is not working?

In this pandemic time, you cannot compromise with your work. You cannot under-perform and allow your employer to terminate just like other employees in different companies. At this moment, employers are looking for an opportunity to fire people so that they can cut their business costs.

So to survive and succeed in the job, you should make sure your computer is working properly. And for this, you should stay connected with professionals providing computer services in Richmond.

There are different ways to troubleshoot the computer and get it back to peak performance but deciding the right option for your computer is always challenging. You need to decide between repair, upgrade, and replacement.

Before coming to a conclusion, you should ask yourself a few questions.

About the validity of the warranty– Computer repair and replacement costs are significantly high. If you are not ready to pay the amount from your pocket, you should check the validity of the warranty on your computer.

Most computers come with a limited warranty period like for 90days or a maximum of a year. Beyond this, the expenses are all yours. Sometimes, the hardware has expiry dates and it shouldn’t be used beyond that.

About the productivity of the system– If the warranty is in place, you should consider productivity. If the productivity of your computer has declined before the warranty period, it means software or hardware has reached untimely obsolescence. The software is not compatible with older hardware. In such a situation, upgrading or buying a new computer is only the option.

About the security status of your computer– Lastly, you should consider the security status of your computer. If your computer is old without updated software, the risk of getting hacked is very high. The hackers will do everything possible to take advantage of security vulnerabilities due to out-dated software. Sometimes, updating the software does not resolve the security concern.

Repair vs. Upgrade vs. Replace 

For repair, the decision depends on the age and warranty factors of your computer. Your computer can outlast the warranty period for several years but it’s not recommended. You should troubleshoot the issue that occurs within three years and beyond that, you should compare the repair and replacement cost. And you should opt for a cheap computer service.

When comparing the costs, you should request a comprehensive quote because some repairs do not require much labor. You might improve your computer by making basic fixes.

For an upgrade, you should determine the productivity of your computer. If the performance of your computer is slow when subjected to more operations, it means you should upgrade your computer. The two major components to upgrade are RAM and hard drive.

The computer applications run on RAM. If more applications run, then more memory is used which slows down the computer. You should increase the speed by upgrading the memory.

If your computer is slow or has damaged hard drives, you should switch to SSD or solid-state drives. It guarantees superior durability and performance and is faster than HDDs.

For replacement, you should be careful because it is costlier. You should determine the validity of your computer’s warranty and evaluate if repairs are economically viable for the future. If not, you should purchase a new system.

You should determine if your computer allows crucial hardware updates. Sometimes, hardware upgrades are limited to many systems. In other words, you should replace your computer if repairs are not sensible and upgrades are not possible.

If the decision is still complicated, you should consult a computer service provider in Richmond.

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